High speed long term Pressure Monitoring is an important tool in assessing the likelihood of failure of brittle pipes. The effect of internal surge pressures in particular was recognised by PCA more than 15 years ago from investigating failures of grey cast iron pipes. These pipes exhibited very little degradation with failed by longitudinal cracking of essentially “sound” metal. High speed pressure monitoring showed the occurrence of very high surge pressures.

The results of Pressure Monitoring are incorporated into PCA’s PipeFail algorithm to estimate likelihood of failure of the main or section of main.

As a consequence of full wall graphitisation, some grey cast iron pipes “leak”, for extended periods before failing. Additionally, lead jointed pipes and locking bar pipes are prone to leak, which in turn may cause large areas of corrosion, and lead to catastrophic failures. PCA can identify the pipes at high risk of leaking from DeskTop Study or Stage 1 Condition Assessment Investigations. It uses, and has access, to all the appropriate techniques:

  1. Highly Sensitive in-pipe Leak Detection tool;
  2. Real-time above ground non-intrusive technology; and

  3. Leak Detection Correlation.

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