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condition assessment


PCA work across Australia and Asia-Pacific. Discover some of our projects. 


Sydney Water Long Term Condition Assessment

Contracts 1 to 3

Queensland Urban Utilities

Public Utilities Board Singapore

BHP Coal DeskTop

Canberra’s Major Supply Pipelines

Manila Water

DeskTop Study LinkWater

Water Supplies Department Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Contracts 

Hunter Water Corporation Assessment of Critical Mains 

Gold Coast Water

Asbestos Cement Microstructure courtesy of: Dopp, Elke & Yadav, Santosh & Ahmad Ansari, Furquan & Bhattacharya, Kunal & von Recklinghausen, Ursula & Rauen, Ursula & Rödelsperger, Klaus & Shokouhi, Behnaz & Geh, Stefan & Rahman, Qamar. (2005). ROS-mediated genotoxicity of asbestos-cement in mammalian lung cells in vitro. Particle and fibre toxicology. 2. 9. 10.1186/1743-8977-2-9. 

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